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Mostly known under the nickname of Saint Barth, this small French West Indies island is deemed for its wonderful landscapes, wild beaches, hotels and luxury shops and also its gastromy food out of France, Italy, Greece and Thailand… A bull of luxury and serenity.


This both side island is spilted between the French side and the Dutch side. Admire the multiple views from the sea to volcano. The Beach restaurants are the must, either in Orient Bay or elsewhere. At Night, its bar, nightclubs will have you spent a very good party !


Luxury hotels and white sand beaches are the must of this wild island. At the opposite of Sint Marteen, Anguilla is a peaceful and quiet island with an exceptional landscape. It is the perfect spot to relax, golf and have some rest out of sight.


This small dutch island of 13KM2 at the Ouest side of St Barth, is located at 1h30 by the sea.Take a moment to discover one of the most great diving spot in the Caribean. Visit this volcanic island during your stay for 2 or 3 days onboard our luxury yacht.


Pinel isle is one of the favorite excursions of our guests. One of the best beach, two restaurants with some wooden huts for tables, douzen of iguanas and clear blue water. Enough to spend a great friendly day relaxing.


This isle is only accessible by boat. It is part of the natural reserve protected fauna in St Marteen. This isle is now fully wild and desert. You can enjoy some mud bath and hikes.
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